My girlfriend cheated on me

This is 3 years for our relationship. I met her in my college, i am crazy about her that time, without knowing about her past i just make friendship with her to know her. As day passed i started liking her more and more. Then i realized i love her, i proposed her and she also accept proposal. We had spent good time with each other, we were close to each other emotionally and physically. My life is like heaven at that time, i was too happy that i got everything.

On one day when we are together one text massage was on her phone, she just read it and delete it before i read it. I asked her whose massage was that she just ignore it. As i trust her too much i also neglect it. Its a starting only, whenever i call her, her phone was busy, and she also starts fight with me. i thought somewhere i will be wrong, without reason i am doubting her. So i am just planning a date for her, but on next day she couldn’t come to college, i called her

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