Don’t Trust Strangers….

Well, I don’t even know was he even my boyfriend. 3 months ago, we met each other in the apps called “”. I’m from an Asia country and he lives in UK, we talked a lot and we felt like we were meant for each other, so we got together, and so he introduced me to some friends but not his family, because he said his family wasn’t really appreciate him to have a relationship. I believed him, and we sometime does webcams and we had a wonderful time. I thought he was the one I was looking for. And just not so long ago, he said he thinks that he do not feel it, he don’t think we could last long, he decided to break up. So eventually I went to ask his friend what actually happened, and what I can’t believe was his friend actually thinks that we are just some internet friends, he told me he broke up with someone 1 month ago and had a new girlfriend right after that. So basically he’s never single when I’m with him. At first I don’t believe it at all, I went and find the guy to talk, and wtf he said yes and told me it’s none of my business and tells me to fuck off. And as things goes on, I finally figured out everything, I was just some “random girl” he knew online and to play with when he’s bored. Here’s the thing, if you are in a long distance relationship/you want a long distance relationship, first, you can’t just trust whatever he/she said. If he/she isn’t introducing you to their family/friends and telling them you’re her/his boyfriend/girlfriend. You should be worry, and it’s time to doubt, it doesn’t mean you don’t love her/him, you just need to make sure. I trusted him too much, and it’s what I get. Little advice, you can go and ask her/his friends around, but make sure your bf/gf doesn’t know about it. Because if so, they will probably start a fight like ‘You don’t trust me, omg you don’t love me anymore.’ Or you could just hint their friends to let them think you’re in a relationship with her/him, so if they are surprise like: ‘WTF you two are together !?’ Then you’ll know something is wrong. But make sure you get the proofs because maybe his/her friend could be lying to you.

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