Tips to cheat your partner without caught

I think cheating on your partner is not wrong at all, so here are some tips for you to do not get catch by your partner if you are cheating them:

Don’t give them access to your phone and computer:

Always lock your phone and computer don’t share your password with them, because 90% chances of getting catch if you are cheating your partner is bye cell phone and computer only. So be careful don’t ever share your phone and computer with your partner.

Involved Your Friend:

Its a human tendency that your partner not going to believe on your words rather they believe on outsider. So whenever you cant hang out with your affair partner say them you are busy with your friend. Make sure that your friend is aware of it so that they can answer your partner the way as you wanted.

Don’t mix dating venues:

Remember that never ever mix your dating venues, sometime it may happen your partner is at the same place where you are with affair partner so there will be chances to catch. Never meet your affair partner at the place where your partner frequently visit.

Bang your mistresses at their places:

Never give any hint to your partner like

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